DMS To GCal  v.1 1

With DMS To GCal your Dental Management Software calendar is uploaded to a Google Calendar. DMS To GCal is completely automated and keeps your Google Calendar up-to-date. Now you can view your schedule from anywhere.

Falcon/DMS Workstation  v.6 5

Falcon/DMS offers a comprehensive and flexible solution to any document management challenge-easy to implement, configure, and use.


DMS+ WSDM Client  v.

DMS+ WSDM client is part of DMS+, a multi-brand mobile device management service. To actually use the service, there is a customer care web user interface and a device owner's self-service web user interface. Client requires an account on the

BanPro-DMS  v.1.0

The BanPro DMS is a solution for any Internet or Intranet site which requires a rich-text environment for the creation and sharing of documents.

Xinco - Document Management System, DMS  v.3

xinco [eXtensibe INformation COre] is a powerful Web-Service based Information and Document Management System (DMS) for files, text, URLs and contacts, featuring ACLs, versioning, full text search, an FTP-like client (easy install, J2EE+MySQL/Postgre

DMS Reminder  v.1.0

DMS Reminder began when I came across a dude who took a picture of himself every day and turned it into a video.

KRYSTAL DMS - Community Edition  v.3.0

KRYSTAL? Community Edition is a scaled down version of enterprise edition. It provide various document management features. It is easy to use,

Amagno Dokumentenmanagement - DMS  v.2.5.1

With amagno NETWORK we offer an immediately applicable and comprehensive document management solution.

KRYSTALOao DMS - Community Edition  v.4.0

KRYSTALOao Community Edition is a scaled down version of enterprise edition.

LogicalDOC Document Management - DMS  v.1.0

LogicalDOC is a modern document management system with a nice interface, easy to use and very fast.

EXtraWay Document Management - DMS  v.2

eXtraWayA® XML allows users to directly manage and produce a priority "Information Unit" XML, with the following key advantages:Intelligibility over time a€“ in spite of how the XML format will change, the objects described from the first ver

Personal Document Manager DMS  v.0.6

Personal Document Manager is a tool for storing, indexing and finding documents.

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